Recreational to Competitive

As youth come to RADDSPORTS programs, we utilize all components of the sports facility by placing emphasis on social and physical development.  The goal is to build a quality foundation of life skills which promote quality social characteristics, as well as, the enjoyment of sports for a lifetime. To develop the social character within the individual, we offer ancillary programs in communication, leadership, mental fitness and nutrition instilling life skills which will be needed to transition into a successful adult.

Elite and Academy Level

The elite level is the most intensive and requires the most level of dedication from a youth sport participant but can also be the most rewarding to those with the talent and dedication to pursue their passion.  This is typically a 9 month program with athletes meeting 4 days a week to train and go over sport-specific training.  In the “off-season”, emphasis will be placed on physical skills, while working on the tactical skills of their sport. During the “in season” the skill training will be reversed. The majority of competition for the elite teams will be weekend tournament play.

RaddSports, LLC, (“RaddSports”) is a sports development-management company with over 40 years of experience in the amateur sports industry and is headquartered in Jonesville, Florida. The Florida Sports Foundation has identified a demand in the Florida market for indoor sports training and competitive events and RaddSports is actively working with municipalities seeking to develop such facilities and programs. We have found the traveling sports market is in need of consistent sports facilities with athlete-oriented training programs for the local community as well as event ready space for tournaments and competitions. To this end, we have created programs which caters to the local community from Monday – Friday and hosts sporting events on the weekend to produce economic impact from sports tourism visitors.

I worked with Richard during his time as Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Newberry, Florida and continue to work with him as a board member of the Gainesville Sports Commission. His ability to bring various organizations together to create common ground serves us well in the events we host and the visitors those events bring to our community.

Bruce Cribbs

President, Gainesville Sports Commission

The sports facility and program successes initiated by Richard Blalock were the major impetus to economic success in Newberry, Florida. The United States Olympic Committees recognition of the Easton/ Newberry Archery Center as an international training facility and the creation of the Nations (Champions) 16 field baseball facility led to multiple state and federal grants amounting to eleven million dollars in economic development incentives. Vision and commitment led to success.

Keith Ashby

City Manager, Retired, City of Newberry

Richard Blalock played an integral role in creating the public / private partnership between the City of Newberry and the Easton Sports Development Foundation. The agreement was to construct an international archery training facility and a public recreation center that became the Easton – Newberry Sports Complex. Since the facility opened Olympic teams from around the world have traveled to Newberry, Florida to train and the United States Olympic Committee has awarded the Community Olympic Development Program for Archery to the facility.

Robert Romero

Director of Coaching and Programs, Easton Sports Development Foundation

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